We offer a comprehensive range of snow clearing and removal services, on a one-off or monthly basis, including:

Snow Clearing

With a variety of plowing equipment, White Out is able to service lots of all sizes, both commercial & residential.

Snow Loading, Hauling & Dumping

When snow banks become too large, or take up needed parking spaces, we can remove the banks and relocate them offsite.

Snow Shovelling

Clearing of pedestrian walkways is also a big concern for many customers. We have a strong crew of shovellers who will clear walkways to the exact specifications of a customer’s request.

Snow Blowing

We have a fleet of snowblowers which we use for larger walkways (when the surrounding area permits).

Salting & Sanding

We have dedicated equipment to salt and sand both commercial and residential properties: areas as small as a driveway or as large as a parking lot.

Bobcat Services

We offer the additional services of concrete breaking, excavation, leveling, grading and demolition - call us to discuss your needs.

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